ARROW Pointe Flex Interchangeable Core - 7 pin Uncombinated

ARROW Pointe Flex Interchangeable Core - 6 pin

Arrow's unique manufacturing process gives Arrow Pointe Flex interchangeable cores unmatched strength and durability. The core features four main components: The plug, shell, sleeve and faceplate.

Our precision engineering design, keying capability and availability make Arrow Pointe interchangeable cores our most specified brand for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

The Pointe Flex System offers a totally new concept in interchangeable core key control. The system employs a unique core security feature and patented key design.

The unique feature is the pin assembly which runs through the center of the core keyway preventing standard competitive interchangeable core keys from entering the lock cylinder.
Only the patented Pointe Flex key can operate locks with the Pointe Flex cylinder.

All keyways are restricted and will be issued on a contractual basis, determined by geographical availability.

Pointe Flex enables you to create a high/low system, by incorporating core with and without the pin assembly, greatly enhancing flexibility.

Arrow Pointe Flex interchangeable core products offer flexibility and keying options.
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